CNJC workshop on new models of access, ownership and management of housing for young

  • 16 de May de 2014
  • apostrof

Yesterday wedid a workshopto workon the studycarried outwithCelobertCNJConnew modelsof access,ownershipand management ofhousingfor theyounggroup.

The workshopwas attended byvariousyouthCounciland becamea dynamicsmall groupsto workand trainus aboutthese new modelsandevaluate themfrom the pointof view ofthe needs of theyounggroup.

The studyis expected tobe publishedin Junealong witha practical guideto spreadthese new models.

Among thediscussions, questionsandproposals madein the workshopwill highlighta few:

– Whatlegislationshould beto encouragethese new models?

How shouldthe transitionbetweenthe culture ofthisproperty andotherproposed?

These modelscan also be usedby peoplewith very littleresources?

– Howthese modelscan helpyoung people tohave betteraccess to housing?