Innauguration of the Refuge for Pilgrims of Verdú

  • 15 de April de 2013
  • apostrof

This Saturdayinaugurated the newVerdúPilgrimsRefuge,located inthe ancientbirthplace ofSanPereClaver,patron ofColombia.

Thisshelter of 31 beds hasbeen enabled to welcome thepilgrimsof theIgnatian Way, linking Loyolaand Manresa.

The building, narrow, longandlocatedbetween partyhad as mainchallengesventialaciónlighting andnatural.The interventionhas been toexploitthe penetration ofnatural light and ventilationthroughthreeexistingcourtsinimprovingthe energy performanceof the building withecological criteria,andenablea cozy andsimple,appropriateto the functionandspirit ofintended use.

The production ofhot water and heatingis done witha biomass boilerof 45KW

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