Interior ecoreforms

Do you want to reform the interior of a space?

Reforming the interior of a space not only goes through responding to a problem or need, also is an opportunity to think how to improve comfort and energy efficiency.

At Celobert we can provide support through all the process of an interior reform: from the initial personalized advice to the completion of the reform, including the works of obtaining the necessary permits and the supervision of the work.

Let’s start by listening to your needs:
– Do you want to adapt spaces due to changing needs?
– Do you want to covert a place to fit a new activity?
– Do you need to improve accessibility?
– Or reduce the loss of heat of the home?

Our job is to propose what to do to achieve this, and what materials or products are best suited to the values we share: low ecological footprint, responsible consumption and good for  health.

Serveis associats:
  • Housing refurbishing
  • Local or offices refurbishing
  • Public buildings refurbishing

More projects

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// Barcelona, El Barcelonès - Gràcia
Adequación de espacio en el nuevo Hospital de Mollet
// Mollet del Vallès, Vallès Occidental
Mejora acústica y espacial de sala de formación
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// Barcelona, El Barcelonès - Les Corts