New construction

Do you want that we assist you in the construction of a new building?

When Celobert designs any new construction, whether it is a single-family house or a multifamily building, we believe that the protagonist is the user.

To achieve tailor-made projects, we balance our technical quality standard with a participatory and user-friendly process. Through specialized attention and tools of virtual projection we make sure customers understand the project and can comment on it.

In this sense, Celobert stands out for his experience in participation processes for self-promotion groups such as housing cooperatives, for example. In these cases, we work with the collective in the adoption of agreements regarding shared spaces.

In addition, Celobert also offers the possibility of managing the building works in case the customer wishes to do so. Involving us in the building process allows to lower construction costs and to have a better quality control.

At Celobert, we plan new buildings taking into account the ecological footprint that it leaves on the planet, we work with materials that are preferably of local and sustainable origin, and at the same time designing buildings that have the minimum energy demand.

Finally, the multidisciplinary team of Celobert, allows you to have at hand a network of technical professionals that requires any new building. Our team is composed by architects, surveyors, engineers  and urban planners making possible to think the projects in a complete and integral way.

More projects

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