Housing plans

Providing support in the process of defining municipal policy

Starting from the premise that housing is a key part of municipal policy, we assist local administrations to rethink the housing policy they develop, defining a comprehensive strategy that responds to current needs and problems, without forgetting the perspective in the medium and long term.

The process to develop a Local Housing Plan is divided into three phases, the first is the Analysis: the time to survey the current housing situation in the municipality. Working with a multidisciplinary team, composed of architects, urban planners and geographers, allows us to address this phase in a transversal way. From the beginning, we involve in the process the participation of local actors, both from the Council itself and from citizen entities, which results in encouraging their involvement in the process and their co-responsibility with the measures that are adopted.

In the second phase of the process we develop the Diagnosis, a key moment that allows us to identify and recognize in a shared way the main challenges to be addressed. Finally, we undertake the process of defining an Action Plan: the document where the objectives and strategies in the field of housing are defined for a period of 6 years and also includes details of the actions that will be carried out.

The entire process includes a close work that allows us to produce a useful and feasible document, based on the needs, resources and above all recognizing the potential of the measures that are already underway.