Integral retrofit

Are you thinking about retrofitting an entire building?

Retrofiting a building can range from resolving small structural or water infiltration problems, to acting intensively in the entire building, preserving the main structure exclusively and leaving it practically new.

How can you evaluate how far to get to retrofitting a building?
We believe that it mainly depends on its state of conservation, the degree of energy efficiency you want to reach, and the changes in space that must be made to adapt it to the new functions. That said, when Celobert is asked to work retrofitting an exterior of a building, for us it is not just the task of improving the façade for example, but to go further, so we study possible other actions at an affordable cost but with a high immediate benefit, such as thermal insulation.

With regard to residential buildings, we pay special attention to pathologies, energy efficiency and common areas such as halls, roofs, patios, stairs and elevators, among others. We like to take care of the relationships between neighbors in a community, and that our projects help promote good-neighborly, sustainable and durable relationships.

Also, we help you to obtain Technical Building Inspection (ITE) certificates, that detect building pathologies and refurbishment requirements.