At Celobert each project is an opportunity to build a better society

We are architects

Our team is multidisciplinary comprising architects, building engineers, interior designers, urban planners and engineers. We are professionals with more than 15 years of experience and we have one thing in common: to put our knowledge at the service of a better society.

We are cooperative

We are organized according to the cooperative principles of mutual aid, ecosocial responsibility, internal democracy, equity and solidarity. We are a jointly owned and democratically managed company.

Sustainable architecture

For us architecture is the ability to give an adequate response to each particular project, with a balance between art, technique and common good. And we do it by building or refurbishing spaces of minimal energy demand and with materials of low environmental impact.

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Community-based engineering

We work to make building retrofitting, energy audits and facilities projects accessible, transparent and honest. We offer services of building engineering, energy engineering and efficient  facilities design, aimed at neighborhood communities, companies and individuals.

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Transformative urban planning

We make urban planning and housing plans oriented to achieve the right to housing, promote social cohesion and ensure the proper functioning of ecosystems in the towns and neighborhoods. Diagnosis, understanding and intervention in the territory oriented to its social transformation.

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Revitalitzación del casco antiguo de Gironella

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Estudio de alternativas de acceso a la vivienda

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Plan Local de Vivienda de Mataró

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Cirerers: edifici d’habitatge cooperatiu a Roquetes

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4 reflexiones del proyecto APROP del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

En el marco de la jornada “Urgente: soluciones innovadoras en vivienda pública”, organizada por el Observatorio DESC con el apoyo del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, se presentó el proyecto APROP, que tiene por objetivo generar alojamientos temporales para personas vulnerables, a partir de una construcción industrializada, con la voluntad que sean trasladables y se mantengan durante 6 años a los emplazamientos previstos. Celobert fuimos invitados a formar parte de la fila 0 para abrir el debate, y con cuyo objeto planteamos 4 elementos para la…

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