Energy engineering

Vols ser energèticament més eficient?

At Celobert we work on energy efficiency from a responsible and technical perspective. Therefore, before deciding, we carry out an energy audit to define which measures are most appropriate to improve the energy efficiency of the home or the building in a personalized way.


These measures range from minimizing energy demand through efficient strategies or low-energy equipment, to meet energy needs with optimum facilities prioritizing the use of renewable energy sources, such as biomass or solar thermal and photovoltaic

In addition to the specific services mentioned, the differential feature of Celobert is that in any project, either new building, retrofitting or urban planning, we always incorporate our energy knowledge to maximize efficiency and reduce environmental impact.


We make every effort to be consistent with regards to energy efficiency throughout the project, always taking into account its particularities, either in the design phase, during the selection of materials, installation or even finishing process. In addition, either during or after the works we verify that the result are those that are desired by the customer.

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