We got an Honourable Mention in Europan 11!

  • 15 de December de 2011
  • apostrof

Today we have been told that we got an Honourable Mention in Europan 11 with our proposal of ‘Neighbourhood as a process’ elaborated in partnership with La Panaderia.

Textualy from the jury:

This design, which approaches the project as a process, outlines an alternative to urban development based on blocks
aligned with streets, proposing topography as a development unit, with a grid that separates three types of flow: traffic,
urban pedestrian and landscaped walkway. The blocks are located in relation to the slope, drawing lines that are
superimposed on the proposed street grid. This generates visuals and evocative spaces. The proposal, designed with great
respect for the local environment, facilitates slow growth that adapts to the real potential housing demand.

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